Getting Started

Ok.  Like I mentioned in my “about” page.  I have zero woodworking skills.  In fact, instead of taking woodworking in high school I took Home Economics…. I know what you are thinking…. But in my defense there were no girls in Woodworking class.

So.  Why would I want to get into woodoworking?  Excellent question.  The answer is… I really have no idea.  I guess in reality it started when I first recieved The Family Handyman magazine.  They had building plans in one of the issues for building a workbench.  I decided one day, “what the hell, I will give it a try”. 

For this project I had a very limited amount of tools.  Mainly I had a very, very old table saw that my father handed down to me (thanks Dad!). 

Well after a full Saturday of work the workbench came together.  After that little experience something happened to me…. I was full of confidence and decided I wanted to actually use my new workbench to build more things.

This blog is basically a documentation of the projects to come after building the initial workbench.  Hope you enjoy!


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